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IIPER Seeking Researchers

Mensagempor narrowriver » 29 ago 2009, 05:34

Hello, I’m narrowriver from the newly-created International Institute for Political and Economic Research (IIPER). Our Institute will be conducting research on every nation in the world, keeping it updated over time, and aims to someday have the most extensive and comprehensive reference source of the global economy and politics in the world. We are hosted on the eUK forums, and our organization account is located in London, but as we are internationally situated, we are not formally aligned with any nation.

We are currently looking for international researchers for both our political and economic research divisions.

Job Duties:
1) Extensively and exhaustively collect data regarding the economic or political structure, decisions, and administration of assigned nations
2) Compile reports on the data collected on a particular nation
3) Compile regular summaries of national events gathered from the national media
4) Other duties as assigned by the Board of Trustees

1) Strong analytical and data collection skills
2) Ability to write clear and concise reports free of spelling and grammatical errors
3) Strong personal skills for interacting with national leaders
4) The ability to read and understand a foreign language is preferred, but not required

To apply, send a PM to http://www.erepublik.com/en/organization/1821938 with your qualifications and previous experience.
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